WMCS response deeply troubling.

We wanted to know more about the West Midlands Clinical Senate (WMCS) and their role in the Future of Acute Hospital Services Worcestershire (FoAHSW) review and the find the below email extracts deeply troubling.


Please can you tell me if you hold your Board meetings or any WMCS meeting in public?

If WMCS do hold meetings in public please tell me when and where the next one is being held.

Kindest regards

Neal Stote

Reply from: WMCS

Dear Neal,

Thank you for your enquiry.

Clinical Senate meetings are not open to the public, The West Midlands Clinical Senate is a non-statutory organisation and is therefore not required to hold open meetings.

Once approved, all of the minutes of Clinical Senate meetings can be found on our website.


The West Midlands Clinical Senate


We first wrote to WMCS in September last year (copy here), to date we have received no reply.



Big decisions are needing to be made yet it is impossible whilst the WMCS report is not published.  The public seem unable to hold WMCS to account, so who can?


Latest update from FoAHSW

The NHS organisations which serve Worcestershire can confirm that there have been no change to the scope, aims and timetable of the Future of Acute Hospital Services in Worcestershire Programme since our last stakeholder brief. However, we believe it is important to remind stakeholders of the current situation. 


The proposed clinical model for acute hospital services in Worcestershire is currently being reviewed by the West Midlands Clinical Senate as part of NHS England’s assurance process.  We have not yet received any formal indication from the West Midlands Clinical Senate about the findings of their review and there is no current date for its publication. We are fully committed to sharing the final report with the public and other stakeholders at the earliest possible opportunity. 


Once the West Midlands Clinical Senate has published its report, the Future of Acute Hospital Services in Worcestershire programme will be able to complete the NHS England Assurance process. On completion, we will be able to put the proposals out for consultation so that the public and other  stakeholders will have a chance to provide feedback and help shape the future of service provision. Our expectation is that we will be able to do this in early summer. 


We would also wish to remind stakeholders that the proposed clinical model aims to ensure safe and sustainable services to best meet local patients’ needs and includes:


  • Overnight children’s services to be centralised at Worcestershire Royal Hospital.  Children would still have all their diagnostic and outpatient services at the Alexandra Hospital and there would be a new children’s assessment unit where children could be seen, assessed and treated before a decision is taken on whether they need to be admitted;
  • Doctor-led births in the county to be centralised in Worcestershire.  Women would continue to have all their pre and post-natal care, tests and assessments in their current location.  Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG will consider consulting on whether there should be a standalone midwife-led birth centre in the north of the county;
  • Hospital based emergency services across Worcestershire will be networked and led by consultants with an ’emergency centre’ at the Alexandra Hospital and a ‘major emergency centre’ at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital; 
  • More planned care would be undertaken at the Alexandra Hospital with the move of most elective orthopaedics and benign upper GI laparoscopic surgery from Worcestershire Royal Hospital.  In addition the amount and range of planned operations undertaken at Kidderminster would increase.


The proposals for reconfiguration were triggered by concerns over the future safety and sustainability of some clinical services and the need to find a solution to safeguard high-quality care for local patients for the long-term future.  These concerns are still current and the Future of Acute Hospital Services in Worcestershire programme has established a clinically led Quality and Service Sustainability committee to monitor and maintain current safety standards until such time as we are able to put the required changes in place.


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