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The news that Ambulance bosses dispatched a medical incident officer (MIO), a senior consultant doctor only called to major incidents to Worcester Royal’s A&E department last Friday again shows Worcester Acute Hospitals Trust management is failing.

Save the Alex have twice expressed no confidence in the Trust board, first in December 2012:

and again in February 2015:



Over the past 3 years we have met with government ministers several times and earlier this year we met with Jeremey Hunt and David Flory, head of the TDA.  To our amazement they both failed to see the problems within in the Trust despite the detailed evidence we presented to them.

In January of this year Executive nurse with NHS South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) Mari Gay, claimed the accident and emergency department at Worcestershire Royal Hospital was “not fit for purpose”.

No action was taken following her comments!

You have to ask why it has taken months of negative headlines and a damning resignation letter from the 4 Alex A&E consultants

before the Care Quality Commission finally took any action this March. Chris Tidman deputy chief executive has now confirmed the Worcester Royal A&E was given a notice to improve by the Care Quality Commission following their unannounced inspection.

It is utter madness that further centralising of services is still being considered. This will place an “impossible burden” on Worcester at the Worcester Royal Site. In September 2012 in an interview with Health Service Journal reporter Shaun Lintern I said:

“I can’t argue that if you have more specialists on a site that was big enough to cope and had the bed space with good access then it all makes sense.

But there are real questions about access and capacity. It’s no good having the world’s best chefs in one restaurant if there aren’t enough seats to serve people.”


The centralisation project in Worcestershire has failed and must not be allowed to continue, the Worcester Royal Hospital was never designed to be the hub hospital for the county and now finally after 3 years of protesting the trust management have finally admitted the site is not big enough.

Service slippage from the Alexandra Hospital to the Worcester Royal site has been happening for far too long with the most recent service loss from the Alex being stroke services and this done with no public consultation despite it being promised.

And despite concerns about the Royal site “over heating” as far back as September 2011, Simon Hairsnape now the Chief Operating Office for both Redditch and Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest Clinical commissioning group said –

Simon Hairsnape, the trust’s managing director, said improving stroke services had been a priority for the last two years but added: “There’s more to do.”

He said a clinical expert had backed the two-site model. He said: “There’s no reason to suggest we couldn’t have good, high quality acute stroke services at both hospital sites.”

He acknowledged there would be a clinical advantage to a single site but added: “At the moment we can’t deliver that because of capacity and delivery of other services.”

Save the Alex recognise there is well founded evidence backing centralisation of stroke services, but this evidence assumes you are not sat in an Ambulance or an A&E corridor waiting to access this specialist service.

The good people of Worcester and the Politicians that represent them need to wake to wake up and understand the real impact a downgrade at the Alex will have to their Hospital, the Worcester Royal.  On average 43  ambulances arrive per day at the Alex, 150 people a day attend the A&E service at the Alex and 42 women give birth every week in the Alex’s maternity unit, if these services are downgraded at the Alex these people will be heading to the Worcester Royal at which point it really will implode.  So I call on people of Worcester to join Save The Alex’s “Save Our Services” Rally on May 2nd. Saving services at the Alex is the only way to ensure good services are provided at the Worcester Royal.

We should all be deeply concerned that it is still the same management at the helm who argued for a major downgrade of the Alex in November 2012 which when totally rejected by commissioners and public alike they still tried to force changes that would have seen a loss of maternity, children’s, women’s services and 25% reduction in the A&E service at the Alex.

Worcester Acute Hospitals Trust have been focused on just one thing for years now, becoming a foundation trust. Everything has been second to that and the trust is now falling apart at the seams because of this relentless drive.


The Trust’s chair position is totally untenable and it’s time for him go, the first line of the second paragraph of this

Gives a major clue to what has gone wrong with Worcester Acute Hospitals Trust:11164757_774235332695154_9038748098664674264_n

Harry Turner may be more used to running hotels than hospitals”

Harry goes on to say in the same article,

“You don’t get off an aeroplane relieved it hasn’t crashed. You expect it not to crash.”

Well Harry your Trust has clearly crashed, despite your repeated denials

I want you to know we as passengers have lost confidence and want a new captain with many more flying hours under his or her belt.



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  • Abc -

    The same surgeons that planned this countywide collapse also at the same time built a private clinic near Worcester Royal so they could make themselves rich off this mess. The senior managers have been duped.

    Google Worcester Bowel Clinic and all is revealed.

  • Tony Moran -

    It is quite obvious that Harry Turner has a agenda from a very high position in government that have promised him his own parachute this is only proven by their own refusal to amend the situation.

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