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Save the Alex are calling on local GPs to openly support the Save Our Services Rally on May 2nd.


The 22 GP surgeries that make up Redditch and Bromsgrove Clinical Commissioning Group (RBCCG) sent shock waves through system when they wrote to the RBCCG governing body last September.


In the letter they stated:


“We work closely with our hospital colleagues, and we know that there are issues that have 

been raised around clinical safety, staffing and training recognition which remain 

unaddressed, and which are a major risk for the clinical sustainability of the model. We 

believe that the model should not progress further until it is supported by the doctors and nurses at the Alexandra hospital.”


They concluded the letter by saying:


“As local GPs we need to be confident that the services to which we refer our 

patients and the secondary care that they receive in both elective and emergency 

situations is of the highest possible standard, is accessible, and is clinically and financially 

sustainable. We do not believe that Modified Option 1 in its current form achieves these 

aims, and do not therefore support taking it to public consultation at this time. We also 

insist that work is carried out without delay to fully work up all possible options, including a full and proper work-up of Option 2.”


Full letter can be seen here


The campaign say none of the issues our GPs raised in this letter have been addressed despite being 7 months on from it.


Neal Stote from the campaign said:A3 2nd May Rally Poster Colour logo FINAL


Our GPs need to keep the pressure on Redditch and Bromsgrove CCG and ensure they are not forced into accepting a model of care they would not be happy referring their patients to. 


We are also no closer to seeing a fully worked up option 2, the so called Birmingham Option and It is blatantly obvious following the resignations of the 4 A&E consultants that there is little staff support from the Alex for the one option on the table. 


RBCCG is tied up with purdah red tape and only talk about the delayed WMCS report, its time for a new record so I call on our GPs to come to this Rally and make their voices heard.  After all it is the worst kept secret in the NHS England that the WMCS report will not support modified option 1.”

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