Entire A&E consultant team quits at hospital after ‘row with management’

The Save the Alex campaign team is calling for urgent intervention by the Government to prevent the situation from the Alexandra Hospital from deteriorating any further.

Friday saw the resignation of all 4 senior ED consultants at the Alex and another from the Worcestershire Royal. This is unprecedented and clearly co-ordinated action by a group of staff who we believe have not been listened to by the management causing a total breakdown in their relationship.

When this is coupled with allegations of bullying and intimidation, their attempt to ban a paramedic for raising safety concerns, the financial problems the Trust has – including a forecast deficit of almost £28million -we believe the position of the current board is untenable.

Neal Stote, chairman of the Save the Alex campaign, said: “The decision by the five ED consultants to quit on one day is unprecedented and the ultimate vote of no confidence in the management. Staff are voting with their feet.

“The future of our a&e now hangs in the balance. Given the national shortage of ED consultants and the problems the Trust has I fail to see how they will be able to replace these members of staff. It is situation entirely of their own making.

“The health minister has consistently said this is a local decision but the situation is now so serious the Government cannot wash their hands of this any longer.

“The Trust is failing financially, it’s failing its staff and it’s time for a Trust with a proven track record to take over and we believe that Trust is University Hospitals Birmingham.

“The Government needs to step in and make that happen and fast.”

Leader of Redditch Council Councillor Bill Hartnett responded to Friday’s news saying “he was shocked when he heard the news and is seeking urgent meetings with the trust and with government Ministers to understand what has happened and what is being done to address the situation. We have been saying for over 2 years now that the services at the Alex are crucial to the community and that they are maintained – the latest developments means that something finally has to be done to resolve the issues. It is vital that all the current services are maintained”


Save the Alex Campaign Team

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  • Anon -

    That’s not the only department to treat staff badly. My career is ruined after a very long time. And they don’t care at all and the same Mia management is continuing

  • anon -

    It’s about time the CQC, NHS ENGLAND and the government look into miss management, bullying, poor patient care and low staff morale.
    Dangerous staffing levels have been part of the Alexandra for months.
    Will it take the actions of those brave consultants to initiate a full investigation and removal of the whole management ????

    • Anon -

      We were told your not allowed to say patient care is compromised due to short staffing as we should make sure it isn’t whether we are fully staffed or not!

  • Ann Williams -

    Mr Hunt and Mr Cameron, all politicians it up to you!
    Help the NHS (The Alex) NOW!!!!!! February 2015

  • Maureen Muckle -

    I totally agree with the save the Alex campaign. The trust Board should be removed with immediate effect with serious questions to be answered by them for the mess they have created, also senior management need to be removed, negotiations need to start with the consultants who have resigned,( they’ve not gone yet) bring in a trust with proven results) that the staff and patients can have confidence in . WE NEED OUR HOSPITAL HERE IN REDDITCH. I thought this government were listening to Docters? Well these staff couldn’t be shouting any louder.

    • Nicky -

      So totally agree. Management bullies ! They are everywhere. A big shake up is needed. How the hell do they think they can simply advertise for posts to replace such fantastic staff they already have- at present – they haven’t left yet !

  • Anon -

    The heirarchy at the Alex have no interest other than looking after themselves. There has been talks in other areas before the consultants in A&E to do the same. We are convinced they are there to make things so bad everyone leaves and then they have to close the Alex! Something which is proven week in and out can’t be coped without as worcester is a lot of the time on divert!!

  • Gordon & Pauline -

    We have both seen by the excellent Doctors and Nurses at The Al;ex. Both staying in the hospital for operations and at the outpatient dept and of course, the A & E dept. At no time can we ever complain about the care we have received by an obviously over worked staff.
    We need to get rid of the in computant management.

  • Kirsty McCombie -

    Despite all the negativity, I cannot fault the treatment I and family have received as of late, even though staff are under tremendous pressure. They are clearly under-staffed, I have witnessed this first hand, but, a very well done to those remaining staff doing a very good job with limited resources.

  • Margaret -

    There are many issues that all hospitals have. I work at the Alexandra. I do not recognise the bullying that is spoken about. The Alex is a great place to work, a true community spirit I now have no faith in the save the alex campaign as the nurse that states that bullying takes place has an axe to grind. she was perhaps the one that sealed her own fate there are always two sides to a story. this is just propaganda for the benefit of the few. Its time the people that worked there were able to share their thoughts with the public without getting into a row.

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