PRESS RELEASE 11/06/2015


Publication of West Midlands Clinical Senate Report



Save The Alex campaigners have warned pressing ahead with centralisation of paediatric and maternity services, without resolving serious questions over A&E, will put lives at risk.


West Midlands Clinical Senate has backed plans by health organisations in Worcestershire to centralise paediatrics and maternity services at the Worcestershire Royal Hospital. Gynaecology and emergency surgery will also be centralised.

Crucially, however, they do not support the proposed model for A&E which would have kept 93 to 95 per cent of emergency and urgent care at the Alex site.

Despite this commissioners and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust intend to plough ahead with public consultation on the parts approved by the senate, while working on the plan for A&E.

Neal Stote, chairman of the Save the Alex campaign, said: “We are being railroaded into accepting a dangerous, poorly planned downgrade of our hospital.

“The senate has not approved the plan for A&E, backing up the concerns raised by the four A&E consultants who resigned earlier this year that it was unsafe and unsustainable, yet despite this our NHS intends to put their head in the sand and continue with the process with a view to ripping out those services the Senate has approved for centralisation as soon as possible and rumoured to be before Christmas.

“But serious questions remain. How can you have a full and safe A&E in the interim period while they fiddle about with a new model without paediatrics? Where is the capacity for the additional 2,000 births which take place at the Alex every year? Where will these mums to be go? Where is the capacity to take the seriously sick children the Alex will no longer be able to cope with? What happens if someone with a seriously ill child or a woman in labour turns up at the Alex in future by mistake? Where are the safety nets?

“Our NHS has no answer to these questions and yet still intends to force this through and that’s because this review ceased to be about patients a long time ago. It is about money and the survival of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust at whatever cost.

“What we will be left with is what we rejected three years ago, a hospital with a cuts and bruises clinic doing hip and knee operations. We said no then, we say no now and if they insist on continuing with this process then people from this area will flow over the border in their thousands into Birmingham putting the urgent care system at risk of collapse.

“Four years on and the fact remains we still do not have a sustainable clinical model for a Trust which is drowning in debt. Instead of ploughing on with this review our NHS should now be to look at all options and working with all providers.


“Otherwise lives will be lost and those who approved this disgraceful decision will be responsible.”




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