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Two Faced MP?


Save The Alex is apolitical, but has and always will hold politicians and political hopefuls to account regarding their views on the future of services at the Alex.



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Karen Lumley supported the Save the Alex Campaign last time services were are at risk (2005-2008) and in July 2006 said –


“Our children will be paying the price of these cuts for years to come,” 


Mrs Lumley believes centralising maternity and paediatrics will cause huge problems for parents and mums-to-be.


“Redditch deserves and expects a decent health service here locally at the Alex.”


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In August 2012 Karen signed the Save The Alex Petition and encouraged others to do so, the petition read:


“Before Worcestershire NHS officially open their consultation on Health Services in Worcestershire, we want to make it clear that we do not support any suggestion or proposal that Redditch will lose A&E, Maternity or the Alex Hospital.”






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Yet when local media asked Karen Lumley last week if the Alex had been saved, she said.


“Yes it has – it’s how we see the Alex in the future that we need to talk about.”



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Karen said the Alex was saved despite Maternity and overnight paediatrics services clearly being cut in the current proposals for the future of services at the Alex.


Saying one thing in opposition and another in power is two faced at best, and will come as a let down to the people of Redditch.


Save the Alex Campaign Team



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