Residents are being urged to sign a new petition and attend a special vigil to save services at the Alexandra Hospital.

The Save the Alex campaign has issued a rallying call to the public of Redditch, Bromsgrove and the wider area to support their efforts to secure the future of the Woodrow Drive hospital, following the announcement the neonatal unit was being closed until at least February and all births moved to Worcester.

The petition calls on Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to intervene and remove the Alexandra Hospital from the control of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust and place it in the hands of a Trust which will seek to provide the services residents need.

A 12 hour vigil is also being held outside the Alex on Thursday, November 5 2015 – the day births and neonatal services are removed.

Members of the campaign will be there from 8am until 8pm and are urging people to turn up at any point throughout the day and spend as much time as they can with the group as a visible show of opposition to the cuts. The Vigil will rally at 6pm and campaign leaders are expected to address those in attendance.

Neal Stote, chairman of the Save the Alex campaign, said: “There is simply not the capacity at Worcester, Birmingham or the wider region to take the 2,000 women who now have nowhere to give birth as a result of this disgraceful decision.

“This dangerous and unplanned downgrade is a result of four years of failure by WAHT and local commissioners to agree a proper clinical model which could deliver safe and sustainable services. And it won’t stop there. Once maternity goes evidence shows A&E and paediatrics will follow quickly and that will have disastrous consequences.

“WAHT and commissioners in the south of Worcestershire have blocked efforts to talk to other providers about potential solutions. The aim of the review has been solely to preserve the future of WAHT at all costs, regardless of the consequences for patients.

“Well we’ve had enough Trust saving, it’s time to concentrate on saving services. It’s clear our local commissioners and the WAHT management cannot and will not do that so we need the public to back us now and send a clear message to Jeremy Hunt that he needs to take control and sort this shambles out.”

Currently the petition is available to sign online at Paper copies will be available to sign during the vigil on Thursday.


Anonymous  comments from staff and members of the public


We have been told virtually nothing. I found out from Facebook. I believe that The Trust were planning to do this all along. They are lying cowards that decided to break this news to staff at 4pm on a Friday afternoon. The only ones that were informed were the staff that were on duty. We have no idea currently of what the future holds for us .They have us over a barrel .I would like to remain anonymous because unfortunately if I have the opportunity I have to keep working for these dishonest people.


It’s all very vague. We haven’t had anything in writing at all. A Worcester manager visited the unit this morning apparently and said we would be redeployed to Worcester but would not confirm or deny if it was permanent or temporary. We have no details as to how this will work as working practices differ between the two sites. We don’t even have access passes to get into the unit! There is no information about transport for non drivers or any provision for those with children in the Alexandra nursery or with timing issues, it appears the trust do not see these issues as there concern. We have not been able to access any Union reps or advice and HR at the trust have not been in touch with staff either.  All the staff are devastated for the women of Redditch and quite frankly themselves in how they have been treated. We have always prided ourselves on providing women and their families with personal and individualised care. Yet we are being treated like cattle. The timing means we cannot get any information until Monday.

We can’t always say [that we appreciate Save The Alex] because management monitor our Facebook pages very carefully and many  staff have been disciplined for posting stuff the Trust think is critical of them!

FROM The Petition Signatories

A town as big as Redditch clearly needs maternity services- which is why we have had the services since 1986! How can it be considered sensible or safe to go backward as a community?


I’m signing this [petition] because I can’t travel to Worcester to have my baby. My family don’t drive and we can’t afford taxis there and back to Worcester.


As a pregnant, first time mum, I am anxious of the changes proposed to temporarily close the maternity unit at the Alexandra Hospital. I had chosen to give birth at the Alexandra as it is only five minutes away. Now having to face giving birth at Worcester, a 30/40 minute drive away, I fear that both mine and my baby’s wellbeing will be compromised and not to mention that my husband will have difficulty getting to Worcester.


It’s a joke how are pregnant women supposed to get to Worcs to have their baby I’m just lucky I had my baby 11 days ago at Redditch!! The staff there are brilliant and it’s a shame no more babies will be born at Redditch!! What if you have a lady who has a quick labour I’m telling you now there’s gonna be babies born in cars and on road sides they clearly haven’t thought this through should be ashamed of them ffs!!!!


I’m due to give birth on 2nd Feb & the Alex is 5 minutes from my house, why should I have to put mine & my baby’s life at risk by having to travel over 30 minutes away.


I am pregnant myself, my last birth was 21 minutes and this time I have gbs so need antibiotics at least 4 Hours before birth so how do they expect me to get to Worcester when we don’t drive and after my last birth if this is the same I won’t make it


My sister is a midwife at the Alex and they have been treated appallingly it’s a brilliant team and they are making a huge mistake!

FROM Facebook Page

I think it’s disgusting how I found out on face book! I am 40 weeks on Saturday and to find out that I may have to go to Worcester is stressing me out to think how far it is and not making it there on time! I was also told to ask my midwife for a sweep on Monday! I think it was rude how us mum’s to be never had a phone call to let us know before putting all over social media! The midwife told me not to stress but how can we not! I have a 3 year old to sort out and my fiancé works far away sometimes up to hour and half away from home let alone Worcester! She told me to ring 999 if I go into labour at rush hour! Surely this is gonna put pressure on the ambulance service! She also told me they are opening up another ward in Worcester to occupy all the ladies! Why put all this stress on us mum’s to be by moving all staff and us over there why couldn’t they bring more staff over!! Mum’s to be should be relaxing at this time not stressing! What could all this do to our unborn child! Have they thought about that!!!


I’ve actually taken the decision to transfer all of my care to Birmingham rather than Worcs if I have not delivered by Thursday! I’m hoping this is relatively straight forward to do as needless to say I haven’t spoken to my midwife over the weekend! All mums due to deliver imminently should have been notified as a priority to say the last few days being stuck in limbo and having very few answers has been extremely stressful during a time we are supposed to be relaxing and preparing for our new arrival!


I’m glad this did not happen back in 2012 I also suffer pre-eclampsia I gave birth on my kitchen floor to my son not breathing 14 mins he was out the paramedics had to resuscitate him on the journey to the Alex I only live in Greenlands if we had to travel further this could of been disastrous !! The Alex paramedics and the Alex saved him!!

The maternity services at the Alex are desperately needed


I got 12 weeks left to give birth and hope to god I don’t give birth in my car!


One of my grandson’s would probably not have survived if we had to drive my daughter to WRH he had the cord wrapped twice around his neck not sure if i could have delivered him in my car in the dark in those circumstances.

Unfortunately many babies’ lives will be at risk and maybe some mothers.

But it’s all about saving money the government needs to sort this country out.



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  • Deltha McNerlin -

    I find it totally disgusting they are closing the maternity unt I have to travel to Kidderminster
    And Worcester for treatment both great hospitals but vey long journeys
    This is ridiculousl we are a new town lots of young peopl having babies to far for
    Families to go

    Also the a and e should stay open as we’ll by the time you got to Worcester and try to
    Find a parking place the stress of it all could kill you

    David Cameron should be looking after the poorer people in the country who are no being thought
    Of at all


  • Tiff -

    I’m due my baby in 9 weeks, I don’t drive and my partner and family all work, I would have to rely on my mom coming back from bromsgrove, getting me and taking me to worcester. If they were going to make the decision they should do it in the summer, when instead now I have to risk giving birth to my baby (due date 5th January) in the cold winter weather possibly on a roadside of the motorway because chances are we won’t make it there in time!! I would much rather less care at the Alex but be in a warm safe environment than on the road side with no medical attention!!

  • Sam Huskisson -

    I am 34 weeks pregnant and am due to have my baby girl at Redditch next month. Shocking to find out about the closure via social media! How they can authorise cutting the care at the Alex & heaping extra pressure for already understaffed hospitals in Worcester & Birmingham with an influx of new pregnant mothers is beyond me! Ridiculous behaviour! I will be there to protest and show my support for the staff at Redditch and also fellow pregnant ladies in the same position.

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