Save the Alex Press Release 28/04/15



Save the Alex have connected with the national campaign group 999 Call for the NHS. Actor/Director Steven Carne will be speaking on behalf of 999 Call for the NHS at this Saturday’s “Save Our Services” rally being held in Redditch Town Centre.





The group was started in 2013 by Joanna Adams, a mum from Darlington. Last summer the group, affectionately known as the “Darlomums”, organised the hugely successful Jarrow to London People’s March. 999 call for the NHS tries to connect the many hospital campaigns around the country and believes they should begin to work together on a national level. The campaign group also believe that after the General Election on May 8th – that is where the NHS campaign really needs to grow in voices and numbers. Whoever is in government need to understand that the people of England will not allow the NHS to be destroyed.

Steven is the website manager for the group and has recently added Save the Alex campaign to the national site. You can visit the site


Neal Stote Chair of Save the Alex said:


“Save The Alex Campaign joined the Jarrow to London Peoples March on its last leg through the heart of London last year. It was fantastic to stand shoulder to shoulder with other local campaigns like ours.  The passion the speakers showed for our NHS was inspirational and I am sure people will feel the same when Steven addresses our Rally on Saturday”



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