Press Release 150615

Save the Alex response to the Worcestershire Local Medical Committee statement


Neal Stote, chairman of the Save the Alex campaign, said: “This explodes the myth that concerns about proposals for the future of the Alex and the wider financial sustainability of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust are limited to just a few ‘troublemaking’ GPs in Redditch and Bromsgrove. In reality those concerns are spread across all parts of the county and not just among GPs.


“The Worcestershire LMC has backed up everything STA has been saying since June 2012 and the case for looking outside of Worcestershire for solutions to the challenges our NHS faces is now overwhelming.


“The time has come for NHS England and the Programme Board to do the right thing and start looking at options which will maximise services at the Alex, including the possibility of bringing in other providers.”


You can read the LMC statement in full here

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