Open letter

Dear Local MP’s,
Since my last letter NHSE have not given the go ahead for consultation to start. This has created a pause in the process for at least 4 weeks whilst further work is completed on the business plan, including work on the implementation of the plan and how the plan fits in with patient choice.

I have also since found out that the Independent Clinical Panel where free to speak to the Birmingham providers but chose not to, surely you would agree this is a clear failure to consider all the options as UHB had clearly indicated an interest in the Alexandra site?

Karen I thank you for your letter which is reflective of yours and Sajid’s comments to the press. You are right to say the current plan is massively different and far more favourable than what was proposed in June 2012, however how sustainable this plan is what concerns me.

The review team have gone from saying it will be a 10 year plan to a 5 year plan to now what is being described as a short to medium term plan which I understand to be 3 – 5 years.

Given how short term this plan now is, surely it is only right that other options are now fully considered. WAHT do not have a track record that suggests they will make a small surplus in 2018 as forecast and when they fail to do so this plan falls apart and services are again at risk.
Save the Alex wanted and indication from the public if they still felt option 2 should still be worked up. I am sure you are aware of this petition

This has received 336 signatures in just one week,
154 of the signatures are from Karen’s constituencyLJ
77 of the signatures are from Sajid’s constituency
34 of the signatures are from Nadim’s constituency
13 of the signatures are from a wider Birmingham area
(B1 – B90 excluding those in Sajid’s constituency)
8 of the signatures are from the WR postcode area
50 of the signatures are from a wider west midlands and beyond area

I believe the above is a clear message from the public across the area the Alexandra serves –The Public want to see option 2 fully worked up.

Yours Sincerely

Neal Stote

Chair of Save The Alex Campaign

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