Open letter to Robin Walker MP

Dear Robin,


I read with interest your comments on the Evesham Journal web site.


Has the hot air of the forthcoming general election blown you off your Fence?


Your governments Clinical Commissioning Groups have been leading this process since 1st April 2013.   Your Governments NHS  England have been responsible for the assurance process, they ruled that 7 of of the 8 assurance tests had not been met by the Future of Acute Hospital Services Worcestershire (FoAHSW) programme on August 8th of this year.


A key test not met was the requirement for your Governments West Midlands Clinical Senate to evaluate and approve the clinical model.


Your Governments Health ministers from Secretary Hunt down have refused to get involved saying its a local decision so.   All the constituents affected are represented by your Governments MP’s, so may I politely suggest you let your Governments local NHS get on with it.


I do recognise safety concerns around current services, particularly children’s and maternity services.  I welcome and support the FoAHSW Quality and Clinical Sustainability Committee   that Mark Wake, Worcester Acute Hospitals Trust’s chief medical officer is chairing to monitor the safety and sustainability of services until the process is completed.


Kind Regards


Neal Stote


Chair of Save The Alex Campaign

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