Maternity Services – Open Letter 17/05/2015

Dear Mr Turner and Dr Wells,

Re: Maternity Services at the Alexandra Hospital.                       17th May 2015

I am writing on behalf of Save The Alex Campaign to you both to give you the opportunity to quash “rumours” that Maternity services will be cut from the Alex by Christmas of this year.

Our sources and newly expectant parents have increasingly been contacting us. The information they have been sharing with us is all similar leaving us with little doubt that there is some truth behind these “rumours”.

Save the Alex acknowledge maternity services at the Alex are at risk and part of the ongoing FoAHSW review.  However in all the discussions that have happened over the past 3 years, a key concern has been capacity. Just where will the 43 babies born every week at the Alexandra go?  The public have always been promised no changes would happen before full public consultation and without capacity being added at both Worcester Royal and Birmingham Women’s hospital, this additional promised capacity is not there yet!

To make these “rumoured” changes  without the additional capacity is dangerous not just to the mothers and babies that would have preferred the Alex but have been forced to travel, but also to the 1000’s that will also be forced to travel further because their chosen hospital had no space for them.

Save the Alex request you to respond to the following 2 questions:

1) We have been told the Alexandra hospital will stop taking new bookings from expectant mothers from August of this year, is this true?

2) We have been told the maternity services, particularly doctor led deliveries will cease at the Alex by Christmas of this year, is this true?

I look forward to your prompt joint response.

Kind Regards

Neal Stote

Chair of Save The Alex Campaign

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  • Sylvia Chandler -

    Dear Neal,
    I’ve been looking at agenda papers for South Worcestershire CCG meeting on Thurs 21 May 2015. I came across the following from the Chief Operating Officer:”Concerns have related to the ability to sustain the appropriate workforce to maintain full obstetric services at both WRI and the Alex. This has led to a formal recommendation to the Future of Acute Hospital Services Worcestershire Programme Board that a change in the pathway for twins and pre-term labour (before 32 weeks) be made to ensure all were cared for at the Worcester Royal Hospital site. The change is to be implemented as soon as possible”. Are you aware of this?And a similar ‘short term’ recommendation for all Emergency Surgery to go to WRI as well. How on earth will they cope-how can it be safer!

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