Letters received from Mr W E Rochester

Two letters we have received that ask many pertinent questions.



I read with dismay, Redditch Standard 15th August headline”Key failure sees Alex consultation on hold” after almost 3 years the Alex.Review is further delayed

Just why one part of the NHS or Trust offering assistance or improvement in the interest of patients, to another part of the same NHS or another Trust can be found by an Independent Clinical Panel to destabilise any part of the same integrated National Health Service is incredulous.

We are not talking here about “Iceland versus the Falklands Islands” miles apart but an integrated National Health Service. If one part of the same organisation is destabilising another part of the same organisation then this is where the effort and where serious reporting should be focussed in the interest of patients, not simply dismissing out of hand much needed help from Birmingham Hospitals. Destabilisation in one part of the NHS should not be possible by another part of the same NHS. This so called Independent Clinical Review Panel reporting last January 2014 was set up to scupper UHB Option 2. With its parochial mentality it has lost its way in the myriad of NHS processes, false barriers and directives and cannot see the “wood for the trees”. Refusing assistance to Worcestershire from UHB or any other Clinical Provider is wrong!

Patient choose for themselves a direct route from Redditch to Birmingham if local services at the Alex.are not available against a journey to Worcester. No review, nothing will change that. All this reporting is just working against the grain and will not work. Common sense in the end will prevail. Sir Bruce Keogh’s framework that one cap fits all directing patients to Worcester will not work here in Redditch. Patients will not travel a 50 mile round trip to Worcester when a train from Redditch soon operating at 3 per hour can arrive at the QE station in 28 minutes.So you are all trying to make something work that will never work. So the sooner UHB option 2 is fully developed and the best picked out of it for the benefit of patients in North Worcestershire the sooner WAHnhs Trust and the CCGs will reach a satisfactory conclusion to this 3 year fiasco. Better still, avoid all this politics, let these two Trusts work together, bring the Alex. up to the standard of the new QE as offered by UHB and as reported and arrange joint management at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch!


Eric Rochester



Please explain just why one part of an integrated National Health Service can be allowed to destabilise another part of the same National Health Service as was reported by the so called Independent Clinical Review Panel in its Report of January 2014? That is University Hospitals Birmingham offer of assistance to patients in North Worcestershire in Option 2 is rejected out of hand. Would time spent on a report into why destabilisation in the NHS  should not happen be much more useful?


W E Rochester


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