Letter to Redditch Standard (No Skittles)

Dear Editor

So, the future of the Alexandra Hospital cannot be decided until after the election, this delay despite or because of several incarnations of the review and a major re organisation of the NHS half way through.

June 2012 we had the Join Service Review which would of seen a major downgrade of the Alex,  then the Acute Service Review which basically blocked the Birmingham option  and currently we have the Future of Acute Hospital Services Review.

Save the Alex told the NHS two and a half years ago that their plans were unworkable. That they would hit hardest the most vulnerable and socially deprived residents of Redditch. That they negated patient choice and gave not a scintilla of thought to the transport problem.

Save the Alex have been described as a pressure group. We would disagree with this description.  As group we have amplified the public voice and put forward valid arguments against the cuts.  As we said the last time we sought to save services in 2006, “All we do is put up the skittles. If you can knock them down, then we have no argument.”

The NHS has failed to knock down our skittles and that is why the review process continues.  We don’t know how many millions this ill thought out project has cost the NHS (ie, you and me) thus far. We do know that Save the Alex has knocked down their skittles for a few hundred pounds.

The NHS is changing, and with Simon Stevens 5 year plan likely to have a major impact on current thinking in Worcestershire and beyond, all we can be certain of is changes or cuts to services impacting  most on front line staff and the patients that are seen by them.  We urge the many NHS review managers to remember this.

Kind Regards

Save The Alex Campaign

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