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About the Save the Alex Campaign

Save the Alex was made up of local volunteers from across North Worcestershire and South Warwickshire. It was chaired by Redditch resident, Neal Stote. The campaign is non-party political and enjoys the support of Parish Councils, Bromsgrove, Stratford – Upon – Avon and Redditch Councils, local MPs, businesses, community organisations, charities, churches and residents.

As the campaign group is now disbanded there are no longer any contact options available.

Group Members

Jill Bralee
Margaret Dieterman
Ian Dipple
Helen Grant
Alan Greathead
Alex Haines – Technical
Sharon Harvey
Ian Johnson – Vice Chair
Wendy Johnson
Anthony Moran
Maureen Rowley
Neal Stote – Chair
Elainor Walsh
Liz Williams
Hazel Wright

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  • Stephen Hall -

    Hi team, I would just like to share my experience of Worcester hospital.I had a mild stroke and ended up in the stroke unit at the royal, I was in a ward of four with one of the patients was dying they were trying to keep her alive whist her son could get back from Australia. The patient and husband where both in there eighties,the point is that the husband could only visit her every other day as he was coming from Kidderminster and could only get there by taxi and couldn’t afford any more. What a disgusting state of affairs all the time he was there he wasn’t given any refreshment at all. The treatment I received was first class but find I have to arrive half hour or more for outpatients so I can tour round the car park a few times looking for space. Anyway keep up the good work and good luck but I think most decisions have already been taken by the hospital manager’s and situations are being manufactured so they can achieve there objectives.

  • margot bish -

    MY EMAIL TO BILL HARTNETT Thanks for asking for the unasked questions at the Alex meeting. My question would have been: Given that the Birmingham Trust could not take on just Redditch because the Worcestershire Royal could not stand alone, why can’t Birmingham (and also Warwick) Trust be allowed the figures for the whole of the Worcestershire Trust so tat they can consider if they could run the whole Worcestershire area – I understand that huge Trusts are now being encouraged due to the economies of scale this provides.

    Additionally, I would like to add that my Dad had to travel 11 miles to his nearest hospital with hernia and heart problems. After two attempts, he gave up and used a taxi (luckily he could afford one) because the jolting of the bus made him feel sick and the lack of head support was exhausting. Many heart /circulation patients suffer from swelled legs and feet. There is nowhere on a bus to raise your legs so HOW CAN HEART PATIENTS MANAGE A 20 MILE BUS JOURNEY? A coach might work but only if the patients can manage the steps up. The only answer really seems to be specially designed transport with ramp access and coach type seats with foot rests. So could the trust pay for these and run their own service instead of relying on private bus companies. Negotiating with the private companies and the council is never going to work as the number of people able to use the transport is going to be totally uneconomical. We really are back to square one, that Redditch needs a full set of services.

    If you have any way of contacting that marvellous doctor now working in Sussex, please could you send on my immense gratitude for making the effort to attend and putting so many concise and valid points. I think he is wonderful!

    Also just heard Teresa May thinks we should be allowed to make our own decisions re our services via the local doctors group. My Mum got a quote of this from MP’s question time. Can you use her words to our advantage, do you think?

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