As the campaign group is now disbanded there are no longer any contact options available.

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  • Daniel Laycock -

    Dear Friend,

    As we all know the NHS is under unprecedented attacks on all fronts by either the junior doctor contracts, mergers of two or more hospitals up and down the country and even the Sustainability and Transformation Plans or as we all know them as ‘Footprints’.

    More then ever, our NHS is so vital and each of our campaigns are unique or very similar. There are campaigns that are bringing and working together with other campaigns across the country.

    We are reaching out to counterparts across the country so that we can work together, share information and stories about each of our campaigns and work more collaboratively.

    Recently, we had the Save Lewisham Hospital campaign come to our meeting to speak about their campaign and this inspired us to start a committee, go to events, reach out to other campaigns. From their inspiration we are now campaigning ever more so, going to meetings, using social media, our website and sharing the dismantling of our hospital and our NHS.

    From this email we hope that we can attend each others meetings, share the stories of one another campaigns, links to each of our websites and social media platforms and what we’re doing to fight against mergers, the STP and standing with nurses and junior doctors around the country.

    I hope that we can work together so we ensure the our beloved NHS and it’s staff are not altogether lost.

    Kind Regards,

    Daniel Laycock
    Secretary | Digital Officer | Press, Media and Spokesperson
    Hands Off Hinchingbrooke
    Mob: 07983962393
    Facebook: /HandsOffHinch
    Twitter: @HandsOffHinch
    Snapchat: handsoffhinch
    Instagram: Handsoffhinchingbrooke

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