Trust planning to downgrade Acute Medicine service at the Alexandra Hospital.




Trust planning to downgrade Acute Medicine service at the Alexandra Hospital.

This will lead to thousands of hospital admissions being diverted elsewhere!


Campaigners have called on Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust to come clean on plans which could decimate A&E services at the Alexandra Hospital.
Save the Alex understands Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust bosses are drawing up plans which could result in thousands of patients being diverted to Worcester or other hospitals, with the Alexandra Hospital reduced to the equivalent of an enhanced cottage hospital.

The Alex currently sees around 150 patients a day in A&E. Of these, around 50-60 are admitted.

However, under the plan the Alex A&E would be reduced to an urgent care centre dealing with minor and routine conditions and would provide rehabilitation beds and ambulatory care only.

Of the 50-60 daily admissions, Save The Alex believe less than 20 of these would be suitable for ambulatory care. This would leave around 40 patients a day having to be sent to Worcester or other hospitals. In return, we understand Worcestershire Royal would be increased in size with 80 additional beds.

The information has been confirmed by multiple sources and Save the Alex now wants the Trust and commissioners to come clean about what they know about the plan and justify it to the public.

If implemented, the proposal would breach the findings of the Independent Clinical Review Panel,  published in 2014, which ruled out a severe downgrade of the Alex’s A&E for fears the Worcestershire Royal would be unable to cope with the 6,000+ ambulances a year carrying  frail elderly people which would turn up in Worcester.

Reducing the Alex’s A&E to an urgent care centre was one of the original options proposed in June 2012 when the review of hospital services first started but was ruled out by commissioners for fears it would result in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham being overloaded as patients in Redditch and Bromsgrove made it clear they would head north for treatment if A&E was downgraded.

Neal Stote, Chairman of the Save the Alex campaign, said: “It defies belief this plan is even being considered but if it is implemented it will be a betrayal of the people of Worcestershire.

“This is not what independent clinical experts clearly stated needed to be provided at the Alex to ensure the safety and stability of hospital services across Worcestershire and is not what commissioners signed up for.

“If it goes ahead it will be disastrous for everyone across the county, not just Redditch and Bromsgrove.

“So today we say to the Trust come clean – tell us the truth what is going on at our hospital. Is this plan being seriously considered? How do they justify it? How is it safe?


“Let’s have no more press releases sneaked out at 5pm on a Friday containing bad news so no one is around to scrutinise it.  For once be honest with the public. We repeat again, if WAHT cannot run our hospital properly or provide the vital services we need and have been promised then they should move aside and let someone take over who can.”


You can also read reaction from Dr Jonathan Wells, the former chairman of the NHS Redditch and Bromsgrove Clinical Commissioning Group here 

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Editor Notes


Save The Alex has a proven record of being right on what is planned for the Alexandra hospital.

Save the Alex challenged the trust about maternity closing before Christmas 2015.


The trust denied it.


The Maternity Unit closed at the Alex on November 5th 2015


For Further information contact


Neal Stote Chair of Save Alex Campaign: 07989 563 874


Sharon Harvey 07865 466903 / 01527 541538


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  • Deborah Millward -

    Don’t want to go to Worcester live in Redditch not Worcester Alex Hospital should be left alone instead of that not satisfied until you take it away from us all

  • Pamela Ingham -

    Redditch has grown and grown. We need a local hospital.. My husband attends Worcester Hospital on a regular basis, and it’s impossible to park in the car parks. We end up very stressed before we even see a specialist. It’s down right ridiculous!!!
    Just take a look at Redditch statistics of people living in Redditch. We are housing immigrants, doctors surgeries have had to close their books on new patients….
    Then the Goverment want to close our local Hospital???
    Where’s the logic in that???

  • Anon -

    Where the hell are they going to put patients at Worcester it’s not big enough and can’t take anymore. The PFI are draining cash our of WAHT the poor Alex in the firing line AGAIN. If this is true those Interim folks in charge should hang their heads in shame.

  • Duncan Holman -

    What is the world coming to.You build hospital to service the inhabitants of Redditch and the surrounding areas.There are current and proposed projects to build upward of 3000 new homes and then you all but close the hospital down ????? NHS run by accountants NOT DOCTORS

  • Dee -

    Due to a recent illness I’ve been under the care of the QE as no one in the Worcestershire area was experienced enough to do the operation I needed. It’s closer than Worcester and I can’t fault the care I’ve had. I’ve even been given a phone number to call if I feel ill so I can go straight to clinic instead of a&email even evenings and weekends! You wouldn’t get that at the Alex or Worcester

  • Alan Greathead -

    Once again WAHT can only achieve their objective(to destroy services at the Alex) by underhand methods. I cannot understand why other Trusts are being taken over but WAHT is allowed to blunder blindly on with no chance of the idiots in charge achieving any of their targets. This is a toxic brand and needs to be destroyed and a new Trust created which is designed to serve geographical populations rather than try to shoehorn everything into the ridiculously undersized Worcester site. MP’s are useless and merely follow the party line to create one hospital for each county. Local council elections coming up soon so it’s to time to challenge your councillor as to where they stand in the fight for local hospital services.

  • Wendy Evans -

    When is the what going to realise the alex was built by the people of Redditch for the people of Redditch ,it was our money not theres.why should Redditch suffer because they have messed for Worcester royal it’s a joke it can’t cope,not near enough stop wasting our money give it back to the Alex with new management preferably back to matrons who have proved to be the best in the past.there are to many White collars at the Alex not needed. Come on What come with me to the Alex and make a note of the amount of staff walking around the hospital aimlessly with bits of paper in their if you want to implement. These changes show some balls and face the people of Redditch bet you dont

  • Janet King -

    The Alex. serves both Redditch and Bromsgrove and my family has every reason to be grateful for the care my son received after a serious accident when he was a child. I stayed with him for weeks and was so grateful that family and young friends were able to visit every day. This would not have been possible if they had had to travel to Worcester. Not a medical issue? I know that their visits helped his recovery and kept his spirits up. The Trust will regret the current centralisation and we shall see a reversal of this trend in future years. If money is the issue, I do not know of a single person , who would not support a local £ for Health tax (remember the Penny for Education campaign?)

  • Bonnie Hatfield -

    I have used this A&e on several occasions, always received the greatest of care, my grandson was admitted when he had an allergic reaction when he was a baby and his face and neck swelled really badly. If he had been transported to Worcester hospital I don’t think he would be here now!!!! Leave our hospital alone and instead of pouring money into “improving ” the town centre use it for our hospital!!!!

  • Mrs Samantha Williams -

    This absolutely disgusts me!There are too many lives being planned to be put at risk! Redditch NEED the Alex. Why don’t people’s lives matter????
    Our schools are no longer big enough to take in the town’s children for their vital education, there are not enough houses for the massively and constantly growing town’s population and now the trust – ‘trust’ being a joke of a word in this case want to cheat seriously ill residents of their right to survival through closing down the town’s A&E!!!!!!! WHO is going to take care of this town????
    Our lives in this town ARE just as important as the lives of other human beings elsewhere! Get rid of this ridiculous trust and it’s muppets and let this town’s human beings at least stand a chance of a decent life – which by the way we even manage to find the resources to do for immigrants! WHY NOT OUR OWN???????!!!!!!!

  • tom hunt -

    3600 more homes being built in redditch,4 people per home =14,400people whereare these people to in an emergency worcester often sends patient to redditch as thy cannot cope NOW what do they do in the future send us round the country time to get thier head out of thier a—– and live in the real world.

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