Asking for your support on a crucial matter

Yesterday (23/03/2015) we emailed the following to all interested parties:

Dear candidates/party chairs/election agents

We are writing to you to ask for your support on a crucial matter – the future of the Alexandra Hospital.

As you will all be aware NHS England has refused to release the report of the West Midlands Clinical Senate into the proposed future model for service delivery at the Alex citing purdah as the reason. We feel the rules have been over zealously interpreted and the report is being wrongly  blocked.

This report is critical and it is vital the contents are put into the public domain as soon as possible so the truth is known about what is planned for our hospital, but more importantly so the process can continue one way or another.

The A&E consultants who resigned from the Alex say the model amounts to nothing more than a minor injuries unit with GPs  on site and is not safe or viable. Commissioners and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust say it will deliver circa 95 per cent of urgent care. Who is right? The public has a right to know and with the Alex set to be a key pledge for all of you at this coming election it is only right all the facts are available so the electorate can debate those with you during the forthcoming campaign.

Attached is a letter (full letter can be read here) we are asking all the candidates in the Parliamentary election and the party chairs or agents on behalf of candidates in the local election to jointly sign, calling for the release of the report which we will then submit to NHS England.

It is our hope if we can show there is political unity on this issue and that the politicians – the people who will be directly affected by this report – have no issue with its publication then we can reverse this grossly unfair decision.

By publishing the report before the election, if it rules the model is safe then consultation can begin.

Can you please reply directly to us and we will forward, time is of the essence so ideally these need to be digitally signed.


We will let you know who signs and who doesn’t.


Save the Alex Campaign Team

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  • nicole robins -

    best a and e around! the fact that it’s overcrowded just shows how much we need it to stay!

  • Neil Cooper -

    Worcester Royal A&E appears to be running at full capacity – how would the system cope if Redditch is reduced in capability???

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